Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009

We had a really good SLP appointment last Thursday.  The SLP waited until the room was really quite, then she rang a bell.  Carver started laughing.  We thought, WOW, did he hear that?  So, we waiting until it was quite again.  She rang the bell again.  Carver laughed AGAIN.  He did this several times.   We feel pretty confident that Carver is hearing with his CI.  I'm going to start conversations to implant his right ear.  Hopefully we can get it done in the next couple of months.  Carver isn't able to localize sound with 1 ear.  Giving him the second hear will help him localize sound.

Tonight, I attended a hearing impaired support group.  The group consists of parents with children with hearing impairment.  The children either wear hearing aides or have cochlear implants.  Tonight a 9 year old boy came to the meeting with him mother.  He's been implanted since he was around 2 years old (If I remember right).  It was amazing to hear him speak and listen.  He sounded so clear and even answered a question asked by a women with a very strong accent.  The children range in age anywhere from several months old to 9 years old.  I have already met several people that will be able to help us in the next steps of our hearing journey.

Just a couple of fun pictures to follow...

Carver loves this dog.  It sings songs and says several things.  He just lays quietly and listens to every word.  When we press the first button, he gets a really big smile on his face.

Kinnick the mobile monster.  She is all over the place now.  She a bum scooter.  She won't crawl, but she'll scoot all over the house on her bum.  She can't see where she's going, so she runs into everything.  In fact, she had her first big fall the other day.  She fell down the stairs.  She wasn't hurt - just scared.  So, that prompted a very quick trip to Babies R Us for a new gait for the stairs.  She just became mobile so quickly.  She's also pulling up on anything that will support her while she stands.  We bought her some really cute new shoes to help with ankle support.  They seem to be helping her a bit with balance, too.

Here's a cute picture of Kinnick playing in a box with her big brother, Hayden.  This is a box from one of K&C's Birthday presents.   We couldn't wait.  The gift is already set up.  However, I think Kinnick showed more interest in the box then the gift.


Anonymous said...

Dustin and I just read your update and we are so EXCITED! What awesome news that Carver is starting to hear things and laugh! YAY!!!! And Kinnick is so cute! I can just see her starting to get into everything now that she is mobile! You will have to fill us in on what was in the big box after the b-day party! I'm curious now!

Michele said...

I am so happy for you that Carver is finally starting to hear and that Kinnick is starting to get around. Your twins are so beautiful!!! It's the little things in life that we, as micro preemie mommies, come to appreciate! God gave us our micros for a reason and I think one is to help and listen to others that are in our shoes. Thank you for putting a smile on my face today.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! I love the picture of Carver with his cake lol. Emery usually runs at the site of food :)