Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28th, 2011

Kinnick and Carver have spent the majority of the holiday sick, sick, sick. Carver started it with a bad sinus infection and a cough that wouldn't stop. We got him an antibiotic and that seems to have helped. He's still not 100%, but he's well on his way. Kinnick picked up crappy lungs and an ear infection. We got her an antibiotic, and that seemed to help her get better. Now, she's sick again (while still on the antibiotic). She's vomiting, has a fever, and requiring lots of oxygen. Anytime she gets a bug, her lungs take a hit right away.

Santa came to the house again this year to visit the kids.

Carver wasn't feeling well, but still sat on Santa's lap.

Santa gave Carver a cool Football with bells inside. He also got a full size Basketball with bells inside of it. He loves them! He's such a little stud. He chases both of them across the room.

Kinnick was happy to see Santa and now asks when Santa is coming back to bring her more presents to open. He brought her a cozy coup gas pump that she had been asking for.

This is a picture of Kinnick enjoying her new Rody pony. She loves to bounce.

We spent Christmas Eve with family - Aunt Tonya, Uncle Bill, Cousins Miles and Tyler and all of the kids. We had a good time decorating cookies, making our own pizza, and playing games.

Miles and Tyler

Kirsten, Harry, and Tyler snacking.

Gregory, Kinnick, Gage, and Hayden decorating cookies.

Make your own pizzas was fun.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas....

Our family room is full of special needs equipment and toys. So, we've had to put our Christmas tree in the basement family room for the past 4 years. We spend most of our time in the upstairs family room, so this year I moved things around to make room for the Christmas tree. I wanted Kinnick and Carver to enjoy the tree and the lights.

Kinnick loves the lights. She's not quite sure what to think of a tree in the family room.

She wanted to touch all of the lights.

I'm hoping that she won't try to pull the lights off the tree. So far, so good.

Big Brother Hayden enjoyed looking at the nativity scene. He wanted to tell me all about Jesus' Birthday and everyone that came to celebrate his birthday.

Big brother Hayden helped decorate the tree.

December 1st, 2011 - Right Ear Activation Day!!

Finally!!! Carver's Right ear is activated. He is bilateral once again! Carver was ready to be re-implanted a year ago when Advanced Bionics and the FDA pulled the Harmony CI's off the shelf. It took an entire year for the Harmony CI's to be released by Advanced Bionics and the FDA.

The above picture was taken during activation. Crying is a very good indication that the activation was a success. No response would be bad. We know that the nerve(s) were stimulated. He got the best response from the lower frequencies, which would include speech sounds. Carver will require a lot of therapy to get this implant up to speed with his left CI. Lucky for him, he has an excellent group of people eager to work with him.

Carver was completely exhausted after school. I found him crashed in the corner around 4:30pm. His poor brain was on overload trying to figure out his new ear.