Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August, 5th, 2009

We've been busy preparing for our road trip to Royal Oak, MI for possible eye surgery for Kinnick and Carver. We're trying to plot out our plan. Right now, we're having a hard time finding something to do between Springfield, IL and Royal Oak, MI. We're hoping to find something in between - like the Joliet, IL area +/- an hour. If anyone has any ideas, please share.

The MRDD program is giving up to $2,500/per child again this year for children in the program to go towards equipment needs. We're trying to find a gait trainer or something that will allow Carver to be mobile upright. We're trying to get Kinnick some tumbleform pieces like a stair/slide/tunnel piece and a peanut ball for balance and exercise. We're also looking at some block pedals to add to her tricycle, so she is able to hold her feet on the pedals. Hopefully we'll be able to get approved again this year. It sure was a blessing last year. Last year, the program provided a gait trainer and rifton chair for Kinnick and a Tumbleforms stander and rifton chair for Carver. We use the equipment daily and are very happy to have these nice pieces.

Kinnick is really working on her words. Most start with "B", but she has now added "Wow". She looks like a little guppy when she tries to say "Wow".

Carver has new sounds all of the time and enjoys playtime more every day. Things are really starting to come together for him.

As far as the other kids go... they are all getting ready to start school. I always feel so overwhelmed this time of year. It doesn't help that I'm leaving on our trip the first day of school. I'm going to take the other children to school and then hit the road. My 19 year old daughter (Sophomore in college) is going to help get the kids to/from school while I'm gone. She's such a big help. My sister is once again coming to my rescue to help in the evenings until Bob gets home from work. Big families are nice, but boy is it a lot of work to coordinate everything.


Andrea Cominini said...

Hey, for the end of august we will be on Royal Oak hospital with our daughter Angelica.
Hope to sse you there.
Andrea from Italy

Sarah said...

If you feel like going a tad out of your way to the Quad Cities... I'd love to have a visit with you!

Actually, Joliet isn't far from us either. Email me if you want to try and coordinate getting together or if you need any ideas on where to stay.

Peoria wouldn't be bad but a tad out of your way. You could always try Rockford as well.