Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd, 2010

I'm fortunate to get 2 days off for the July 4th holiday. This year we were given Friday and Monday off. So, Friday, nurse Jane and I packed Kinnick and Carver up and took them to the Zoo. I always struggle with taking them to the Zoo. I hate to deprive them of the Zoo experience, but what are they being deprived of when they can't see? We went ahead and took them - what could it hurt? They can hear, so we thought they might enjoy the sounds. They can smell, so maybe they'll enjoy the smells? Ok, maybe not that one. We went to the petting zoo. Carver can't walk, so unless we chase an animal with his stroller, or an animal comes up to the stroller, then Carver isn't getting much out of it - no touching. However, there were some nice sounds and not so nice smells. We didn't force Kinnick to touch anything. The rain forest was nice. Carver got to hear all kinds of sounds in the rain forest - so this made the trip worth it. I think Kinnick enjoyed the rain forest, too. We didn't hear any complaints out of either of them. We only stayed a short while and then headed back home.

Funny story about K&C's hearing. They pick up sounds much quicker then someone that can see. I was feeding Kinnick this morning, and she kept laughing. I couldn't figure out what was so funny. Finally, I figured it out. A fly kept "buzzing" around her head. She could hear the "Bzzzzz" sound. I really didn't notice it until I saw it. So, I asked her if she thought the "Bzzzzz" was funny, and she started laughing again. I'm sure she wouldn't have found it so funny if it landed on her, but she was enjoying the sound.

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