Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26th, 2011

We had a follow-up appointment with Carver's Neurologist this past Monday. We didn't actually see the Neurologist that did his Botox. Instead, we seen his PA. It's easier to get in to see her. I told her that I wasn't all that impressed with the results of Carver's Botox. I think it helped some, but it just wasn't as fabulous as I had dreamed it would be. Well, the PA started looking at Carver. She took his shoes and socks off and then twisted his ankles around and bent his legs, etc. Then, she said, "His ankles feel great." Ok....well, I attributed that to getting new Cascade DAFO's. Carver had crappy AFO's that caused his ankles to tighten up. So, we went back to DAFO's. His ankles were always good with the DAFO's. Then after talking some more, I said that I just didn't feel like the Botox did much for his hamstrings. I wondered if next time we could get a little more in his hamstrings. She looked at me funny and then looked at her computer. Then, she said, "Dr. didn't do any Botox to Carver's hamstrings." What? He was supposed to do 65 units to the adductors and 35 units to the hamstrings. She said, "No, he did 65 units to his adductors and 35 units in his gastrocs (to help his ankles)." Holy crap! No wonder his hamstrings are still tight. So, I looked back at the paperwork that he gave me after our last meeting. Per the paperwork, he wrote - "PT alert - Significant spasticity in the Legs. More in addutors and hamstrings." Then, he wrote - "Plan - Schedule Botox injections: 65 units in adductors and 35 units in gastrocs. Bilaterally - total 200 units." I hadn't read the paperwork because he verbally told me the plan. The verbal plan was different then the written plan. Clearly, he screwed up! What a complete waste! The PA said that she would make sure that the next Botox injections would include the hamstrings. You think?

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Jennifer said...

Gawl, Well that just sucks huh? No word on if we would need to do that for Liam. No one seems worried about things since he still doesn't have head control. We're working on that though. =)