Saturday, May 28, 2011

Excellence Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico

Bob and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on 3/24. We were going to take a trip to Mexico, but the last time that we went to Mexico for our anniversary, it was too cold. So, we put the trip off until May. Which happens to be my Birthday (5/19). The weather was great and we had the best time. We booked a week vacation at an Adults only Report - Excellence Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Bob told the resort ahead of time that we wanted to come for our anniversary, but held off until the weather was a little nicer. When we arrived at our room, the hotel staff had left us a gift (champagne and fruit) and a cute decoration on our bed made out of towels.

The next day was my 43rd Birthday. The hotel staff left another gift in our room (delicious Chocolate cake) and decorated our bed with balloons and a towel wrapped to look like a candle.

The property was fabulous. No shortage of places to lounge and do nothing. They had covered seating, covered beds on the beach and around the pool, rafts to float on the pool, and pool chairs everywhere. We even had our own pool chairs, hot tub, and a hammock outside of our room. There were multiple pools designed like lazy rivers that connected from one to the next. You could swim up to one of many bars to get something cold to drink. The resort was all inclusive, so you could drink and eat all day (including adult beverages). They even stocked the fridge in our room with cold soft drinks, beer, and candy (Peanut M&M's, Snickers, and Oreo cookies). We always removed the candy, so they would restock again the next day. There was no shortage of restaurants or bars. We ate at a different restaurant every night and still missed eating at a few. All of the evening meals where elegant dress with no reservations required. They had Indian food, French food, Mexican food, Asian food, a Lobster house, a Grill, special theme night meals on the property - which they dressed up to look like a wedding dinner. They also had a grill on the beach daily where they cut fresh coconuts and filled them with fruity alcoholic beverages. There are tons of off site things to do. We've been to Mexico several times, so this time we only took one trip off the property. We went to "Explor" which has Zip-Lines, rafting, swimming, and jeep riding. There is plenty to do on the property, so there really isn't a need to leave.

Here are a few pictures of the property and our outing to Explor....

This is a picture outside of our room (you can't see the outside hot tub from this picture). We also had another hot tub in our room, and they provided soft robes and slippers!

Some random pictures of the property...

The food was fabulous....

Mexican Fiesta night

The Indian restaurant (can you tell by the color?)

Dinner at the Grill restaurant

Dinner at the French restaurant (the best meal by far!)

The Grill on the beach

Our outing to Explor...

Explor - Jeep riding through the caves. There were 2 paths that took 20-30 min/each to complete.

Explor - Rafting through the caves - there were 2 paths that took about 30 min/each to complete. You could ride on a single raft or double. The rafts were nice because you could lean back - they had back rests. You paddled with hand paddles.

Explor - Swimming through the caves - There were 2 paths for swimming. We met a really nice couple from Scotland that completed most of the activities with us.

Explor - Zip lining - There were 2 Zip-Line courses. Both had 7 Zip-Lines. Each course took an hour. It was a blast!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Just catching up. First- great job at school Kinnick and Carver!! Second- congrats on your anniversary. Looks like a great time and you guys deserve some fun alone time :-)

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