Friday, July 1, 2011

Kinnick says, "I love you!"

Kinnick is getting better and better with her words. She's still really raspy and still lacks the breath support to create a smooth sentence.

Below is a video of Hayden and Kinnick going back-n-forth saying, "I love you".

A funny story:

Today, the oxygen delivery guy came to drop off oxygen and supplies. He commented on how hot it was outside. He went outside to fill the liquid oxygen tank. While he was outside, Kinnick said, "Guy-Hot-Outside". She kept saying this off and on. Then, she got it mixed up and started saying, "Hot-Guy-Outside". My nurse got a pretty good laugh out of it.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! Did the "hot guy" get to hear her say it? :-)

Sarah said...

I love how she says it loud! Makes me smile....

breesmother said...

Love it! I'm wondering if she didn't get it mixed up at all and is learning to develop her interest in men at an early age:) Watch out!! HA!

Tina said...

She is so cute! I've been reading your entire blog. From when they were born to this very post. I was so fascinated about how they overcame everything.

I'm a bilateral CI user and so thankful for my mother pushing me to speak and hear. I'm still learning as I go. I was a preemie as well not early as Kinnick and Carver. But developed health problems that are long term as well.

Don't ever give up. Im so blessed to have a mother that is hard working like you are.

Blakers said...

How great!!! Can't wait to hear her voice welcome me to your house againd daily!!
~Amy (1 on 1)