Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 1st, 2011 - Right Ear Activation Day!!

Finally!!! Carver's Right ear is activated. He is bilateral once again! Carver was ready to be re-implanted a year ago when Advanced Bionics and the FDA pulled the Harmony CI's off the shelf. It took an entire year for the Harmony CI's to be released by Advanced Bionics and the FDA.

The above picture was taken during activation. Crying is a very good indication that the activation was a success. No response would be bad. We know that the nerve(s) were stimulated. He got the best response from the lower frequencies, which would include speech sounds. Carver will require a lot of therapy to get this implant up to speed with his left CI. Lucky for him, he has an excellent group of people eager to work with him.

Carver was completely exhausted after school. I found him crashed in the corner around 4:30pm. His poor brain was on overload trying to figure out his new ear.


Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas tree and Hayden telling the Christmas story. Glad to see the implant is working. What a beautiful family. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Rob S said...

Hello! If you are interested, there is a 7-week therapy camp located in Big Bay, Michigan that accepts male and female children ages 3-17 for a wide variety of disabilities (CP, spina bifida, deaf, blindness, speech etc) They offer Occupational therapy, speech therapy, Physical therapy, music therapy and other therapies as well. The camp is called Bay Cliff Health Camp. You can find out more here: Have a great day and a Merry Christmas! :)