Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guess who started Pre-School on Monday!

Kinnick started Pre-School on Monday! Finally! She was so excited. She talked about it for 2 weeks.

Kinnick's O&M rode with Kinnick to school on Monday. She wanted to show Kinnick how to get to/from the bus with her mobility device. The goal is to help Kinnick be as independent as possible. She does amazingly well!

Getting a little nervous. Kinnick refused to have her picture taken.

Kinnick was so excited to get off the bus and tell everyone what a fabulous day she had at school. Kinnick has a Nurse that rides to/from school with her and another Nurse that stays with her in the classroom.

Once Kinnick gets off the bus, the Nurse gives Kinnick her mobility device and off she goes!

Kinnick is loving school and can't wait to go back the next day. She talks about all of her new friends and all of the fun things they do at school. She has a lot of "social skills" to learn. She doesn't see, so she tries to see with her hands. Not everybody likes to be touched. She has to learn to follow directions, and do things with the other kids. Sitting in circle time means sitting in a circle. Kinnick just sits in front of her new friends. It will just take time to learn how things are done. Vision plays such a big role in learning every day.

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Lynette from Germany said...

This is a wonderful step toward more independence. Way to go Kinnick!