Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th, 2007

We will be flying back to Wichita at 9:00am (8:00am CST) tomorrow morning. I'm so happy to be going home, but sad to leave my new friends behind. I've met so many nice people during my 2 month stay in Royal Oak.

I'm told that we will not be going to the NICU at Wesley Medical Center. Instead, we will be going to the PICU at Wesley Medical Center. I'm nervous about the change. I really wanted to go back to the security of my Neo's and nurses that got us this far. However, I'm told that we have out-grown the NICU and need the experience of an ICU Pediatrician. I'm told that Wesley has a great ICU Pediatrician (Lindy Smith) on site that will work with Kinnick. Hopefully, he will be able to identify the cause of Kinnick's breathing problems. I really worry about her. They tell me the plan is to do whatever it takes to send Carver home ASAP. So, hopefully he'll be in our family home by the end of the weekend! We have a lot of work to be ready for him. You would think we've had plenty of time, but most of our spare time and energy has been focused on the babies health, insurance, moving into our new home, and family.

For all of our wonderful friends and family:
Thank you for being here for us through this journey.
Thank you for all of your love and support.
Thank you for all of your prayers.
Thank you for never leaving our sides.

It's been a long road and you've never forgotten about us. We thank God for all of you and his continuing blessings. God must have a lot of faith in us to give us these beautiful little angels.

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Stacy said...

We hope you made it home safe. We are waiting to read a blog about being back in your hospital! We miss you already. There are new babies in your spot already and it's just not the same.
Talk to you soon.
Stacy and David