Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11th, 2008

Kinnick has her first tooth! She's been chewing on everything. Today we finally noticed a sharp white tooth on her lower left center. She's been really crabby and can't seem to find enough to chew. Carver is starting to chew on his thumb and some toys. I'm guessing that he could have a tooth any day.

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and even missed an appointment. I have no less then 15 appointments a month. This is the first appointment that I have missed. Somehow it didn't make its way to my planner. I was supposed to enroll my graduating 8th grader in his new school, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. This is not a good thing since there is always a waiting list to get in if you do not enroll when you are supposed to enroll. The school was kind enough to allow me a special circumstance. They have scheduled a 1 on 1 enrollment next week.

I have a lot of extras on my plate right now, it's no wonder I missed an appointment. I have a daughter graduating High School, Senior Pictures, College, a son graduating 8th grade, a trip to Detroit for eye surgery which includes multiple insurance approvals (we have 3 insurances) and coordination of transportation and lodging, a trip to Mexico for my 40th birthday and all of the coordination involved with care for kids and the babies, and lots of extra work trying to keep my medicaid card going until the new TA waiver is in effect. I just found out today that they moved the go-live date for the new TA waiver from July 1st to August 1st...uggh. I also found out today that my insurance only approved my RSV shots through 3/31. We are due for a shot 4/18. I was told the season doesn't end until the end of April. So, we could be exposed for a couple of weeks. This stinks because even with the shots, Kinnick has gotten RSV in the past. I'm working with medicaid to see if they will pay even if my Primary insurance doesn't pay. I still have trouble with nursing staff. I now have 2 agencies trying to cover my case. The second agency is doing much better then the first agency. Oh, and don't let me forget the piles of insurance papers that I have to weed through to make sure that all of my medical bills are getting filed and paid - correctly. They are out of control. Most places don't even bill me. They bill the insurance companies and wait for payment before you ever hear anything. Most of my medical bills are paid by insurance, so it isn't normal to owe much. However, it isn't unusual to receive a bill from 6 months ago - unpaid. When this happens, I have to go through all of the claims that I have received to verify things were billed/paid properly or whether the insurance company has even received the bills. And...if you have ever been hospitalized... you know how impossible it is to know every bill you expect to receive. So, I have all of this on my plate plus my normal monthly appointments. This is why I'm feeling so overwhelmed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shanon,
I can't imagine how busy things are for you. I am having a hard time just with Conner..I can't imagine multiplying that by 2 plus all the other kids too! Conner had 8 appointments in the last 5 days. It makes it hard for the babies to enjoy their lives. I'm hoping in time, we will all have less appointments to get too.
About the Synagis...according to my peds office, the CDC extended RSV season through April (for now, still could end up going through May) so your insurance should be required to cover it as if it was during the season. That is what we were told last month and Conner got his 7th shot this morning. If Kinnick or Carver gets RSV this month, your insurance would essentially be responsible if they deny the shots (again, that is what my ped told me).
I'm jealous about your trip to deserve it more than you need a chaperone?!
Miss you and see you soon.
love, stacy

Kerry said...

Please tell me you have a t-shirt with "SUPER MOM" on it with the Superman emblem. If not, you should.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shanon,
I bet you are so overwhelmed, but what an awesome mom you are! Your kids are lucky to have you! I'm so glad to hear you get to take a break for your birthday!! I hope you have a great time! And we'll be praying for you during your next trip to Michigan!

Sammy'smommy said...

HEy Shanon,
So sorry to hear all that is on your plate. We will be praying that God gives you the strength and energy to do it all. LEt the crazy drooling begin with two teethers:)