Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5, 2008

Carver is doing so much better now that he is getting better nutrition. It's amazing how much he has changed in the past couple of weeks. He's playing with toys (both hands), staying up later in the evenings, gaining weight by the minute (it seems), and is so much more playful. I can't wait until he gets weighted again. Dr. Knight (surgeon) weighed him with his clothes on this past Wednesday and he was almost 16 lbs. This is quite a jump after gaining an ounce or two the previous month. This is almost a pound in just a couple of weeks.

Kinnick continues to do well. Both babies are home and bug free!

We are preparing to return to MI to see our eye specialist. We will leave on April 22nd. Both babies will be admitted over night so they can be stablized prior to their sedation the following day. They will be evaluated while sedated on April 23rd. If surgery is needed, then they will do surgery on the eye of choice during the evaluation. If the other eye needs surgery, it will be scheduled within the week. It is possible that no surgery is needed. Please pray no surgery is needed. I'm working on a medical transport again. This time everything is falling into place quite nicely - much different from the last time we went. If all goes well, we will be home as early as April 24th.

We will be seeing Carver's ENT April 11th to discuss his hearing and where we go from here. My guess is that Carver will be scheduled for another ABR hearing test. If the test still shows that carver is profoundly deaf in both ears, we will discuss cochlear implants. This is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. Unlike hearing aids, the cochlear implant does not amplify sound, but works by directly stimulating any functioning auditory nerves inside the cochlea with electrical impulses. I've heard amazing success stories about these implants. If we can give Carver back one of his missing senses, then that is what we want to do. This could make a huge difference in Carver's ability to learn and the ability for others to teach him. Being deaf/blind makes teaching/learning very difficult. There is not a large community of deaf/blind individuals in the Wichita area, nor is there enough skilled professionals in the area available to teach Carver.


Amy said...

Hey Shannon,

We wanted to invite you and Bob and the whole family over again for a cookout/game on Monday night at 6:00. We had such fun last night we just decided to invite everyone for the finals. Would love to see you!


24weeker's Mama said...

Dear Shanon, our prayers to Carver & Kinnick. Have a safe trip to MI. Oh if you see nurse Sue again, please say hello from me. I hope she still remember me & Sam. : )
Also hello to Nurse Darlene (NICU), she was so sad when Sam was transfered to the next room.

Thank you,
Yani & Sammy

Sammy'smommy said...

God bless you and your babies. So glad to hear Carver is growing well. We will be saying lots of prayers for their eyes (NO SURGERY) and also for Carver's hearing and cochlear implants.

Lavonne said...

I have been keeping up on your little ones over the last several months. I am very happy to see you continuing to get good news.

I wish you the best on your next trip and hope you continue to be blessed with good news.