Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10th, 2008

Tomorrow Kinnick and Carver will be 1 year adjusted.  So, we are going to celebrate with a cake party.  We froze the rest of their birthday cake from March.  Hopefully they'll be able to eat a bite tomorrow.

Our Case Manager stopped in today to check on the babies.  We received the following information:

16 lb 8 oz (gained 1/2 a pound in the last 2 weeks!)
Head:  43 cm
Length:  27 1/2 in (gained a couple of inches!)

19 lb (hasn't gained anything in the past 2 weeks - I think it's time for more food)
Head:  43 cm
Length:  28 in (gained a couple of inches!)

Kinnick is supposed to get 720 calories a day.  We've been giving her about 900 the past couple of weeks.  The doctor is going to review her latest weight and let us know how much she should be eating a day.  She's eating so good.  I think maybe too good - if that is possible.

Carver isn't eating much, at all.  In fact, he's only getting about 550 calories.  He has been gaining about a pound a month.  However, it looks like he's starting to slow down.  He doesn't seem to require as many calories as Kinnick.  He's not as active as Kinnick and his lungs are better overall.  The doctor is going to review his latest weight and let us know how much he should be getting a day.  We're continuing to work with his oral feeds.  He's starting to accept some juice.  This is a positive step.

We see Carver's ENT tomorrow.  We will discuss the cochlear implants and when we can get the first ear implanted.  Hopefully within a month.  I'm excited to get them going.

Carver doesn't really care to hold toys.  He doesn't see well and even if they make noise, he can't hear the noise.  The work of holding the toys doesn't seem to be worth the reward.  Our speech therapist recommended adding another sensory input - like a vibrating toy.  Well, it's hard to find vibrating toys that he can hold easily.  In a nice way, she recommended going to a store that is not intended for children's toys.  So, my husband and I (because neither of us was willing to go alone) went to the adult toy store and purchased a water missile that vibrates.  It's blue and fits nicely in his hand.  I tried to find one that looked like a rattle.  He loves it and so does Kinnick.  He actually holds it and bangs it on everything.  Now, he's starting to grab and hold other toys.   He also uses it as a teether.  So, now you know what the blue missile is just in case it shows up in a picture.


Anonymous said...

How funny! Our speech therapist recommended the same thing! So glad to hear that Carver is starting to engage with some toys! Hope you have a fun 1 yr adjusted party.

Anonymous said...

hey shanon,
i was so happy to see you posted...2 days in a row! you're such a blogger! me and david are waiting to see the pictures of Carver's new toy. whatever works, right?! hope you guys are doing well...and happy 1 year again birthday to Kinnick and Carver!
Love, Stacy

abby said...

This is TOOOO funny. I guess being a micropreemie parent really does make one creative!

24weeker's Mama said...

sorry shanon, i had to laugh.. this is really funny. I am excited too about carver's hearing aid.


23wktwinsmommy said...

HAHAHAHAAHAAA! That is the funniest thing I've heard in awhile!!! They're getting big! Way to go twins!!!