Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29th, 2008

We went to see our Pediatrician today.  Kinnick gained another 2 oz.  She now weights 16 lb 12 oz.  Carver gained another 6 1/2 oz.  He now weights 19 lb 12 oz.  Guess we aren't having a problem meeting our 20 lb marker for the new ears.  Both grew another 1/2 inch.  Their heads are still the same size as my last post.  On the preemie charts (which I'm told we won't follow anymore - don't know why) Kinnick's weight is in the 10 %, her height is in the 25 %, and her head is in the 5 %.  Carver's weight is in the 30 %, his height is in the 30 %, and his head is in the 5 %.  On the normal chart, neither are on the chart - so below the 3 % on everything.  

Carver ate a little better the last couple of days.  He's been eating about 2 oz of fruit (twice) a day and a couple oz of juice.   Hopefully, he'll continue eating better.  

We're going to do PT in the pool again tomorrow.  I'll try to remember my camera this time.  It has rained the last couple of days, so hopefully tomorrow will be clear.

I've scheduled the Detroit, MI trip.  We will fly to Detroit, MI 8/26/08 with an EUA scheduled for 8/27/08.  As always, we're hoping for no eye surgery and a quick trip.  We could be back as early as 8/28/08.

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