Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15th, 2008

Carver is doing much better today - no fever.   I can see some bruising now, but really no add'l swelling.

I forgot to mention that we seen our Neurologist again this past Tuesday.  We seen his PA the last time we were there.  I asked the Neurologist about the diagnosis that we were given for Carver by his PA.  After looking at both Kinnick and Carver, he gave me the following diagnosis for each of them.   Carver has Spastic Quadripersis CP.  I suspected this because I felt like the CP was not isolated to just the right side of his body.  What does this mean?  Lots of physical therapy.  We'll just have to work even harder to get Carver moving.  The good thing is that Carver is doing much better sitting.  He's still very wobbly, but he's making a better effort.  He's also been able to get up on his knees and elbows with no help.  So, he's really trying to move.  Of course, he's still rolling all over the place.  Kinnick has Hypotonia - she's very floppy.  She can sit and stand, but she's just really weak.  She's been working really hard on getting into a sitting position by herself from a laying position.  She'll still need a lot of Physical Therapy, too.  Both babies are continuing to make progress, so this is positive.  We'll see the Neurologist again in 4 months.  Hopefully both babies will be doing something new by then.


Jodi said...

We've been praying for Carver all week. It's amazing the things that doctors can do and what a trooper Carver has been! I hate to hear of the challenges ahead for them, but they have the most amazing mother and family who love them so much. With that love. . .they can do anything! We're so proud of you, Kinnick and Carver!

Your biggest fans!

Anonymous said...

Glad that Carver's surgery went okay...miss you guys!