Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17th, 2008

Kinnick sat up all by herself today - from a laying position!!!  She has been trying so hard to do this and finally she did it.  She sits for long periods of time, but has only been doing it when we put her in a sitting position.  Now she can sit or lay whichever she wants.  Don't know what this will do to her night feeds.... that will be another story.

I can't remember if I posted letting everyone know that we qualified for over $4,000 per child for equipment.  We are ordering new activity/feeding chairs for each of them on Monday.  The chairs are nearly $1,500 a piece.  They can eat in these chairs or play in these chairs - kinda like the bumbo only better.   The rest of the money will be spent on a gait trainer and hopefully a stander for Carver.  This is still being discussed with PT.  They don't feel like he needs one.  I on the other hand REALLY think he needs one.


abby said...

Congrats on Kinnick sitting on her own. That's fabulous, and it means that her trunk control/strength is really kicking in (sorry for the mixed metaphor!). And the equipment funding is superb. I am so glad that this came through for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Yay for kinnick! Thats wonderful news that she is transitioning in out of sitting! Thats also really good news about the equipment coverage! We are very happy for you all!

Stacy said...

good job kinnick! i'm so excited that she is sitting up on her own. i'm glad carver's surgery went well too. we have been thinking about you guys. can't wait to hear about the activation and how that goes.
talk to you soon.
love ya, stacy

24weeker's Mama said...

congratulation on sitting up on her own. Yaayy good job Kinnick.

Shanon, may i know what kind of program is that, and how the chair looks like. Can you post a pic please? Sam's feeding isn't improving at all. Any lumpy food makes him gag & throw up. But he is walking now so i wouldn't rush his feeding yet.