Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th, 2009

We still feel like we're getting a really good response from Carver's new CI. However, he has some swelling at the implant site - enough that it is bothering him. So, we've had to cut back the amount of time that he is wearing this CI. Hopefully the swelling will be gone in a couple of days. Otherwise, he has to go in to see the doctor.

We fitted Carver in a Pony gait trainer today. We have the blessing we were waiting on before ordering the gait trainer. I was impressed with how good he looked in the Pony. He needs to learn to walk - right foot/left foot. I'm hoping that with some work, he'll figure it out. It's really important to me for him to be mobile in an upright position. I'm really excited to get it ordered. Hopefully we'll have it before Christmas.

Kinnick is just taking off. She is a climbing machine! We can hardly keep her off things. We're working really hard to teach her how to get in a standing position (in the middle of a room) without any help. I don't think it will be long. I believe that once she figures this out, she'll be running - no more scooting. She still gets tired really easy and breaths heavy. She just has really crappy lungs. It doesn't seem to stop her. She goes until her legs give out. She's running in her Kaye walker - so.... I'm pretty sure we're in for some fun real soon.


melissa said...

Great news about carver's 2nd CI! Hopefully you'll see some improvement soon when he's used to it!

Your kids are amazing and beautiful! way to go Kinnick! Keep going, I can tell you're making Mommy very happy!! :)

Mom2Juliana said...

Your kids are awesome and inspiring... Just love seeing all the progress. Love the matching Halloween costumes.