Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th, 2010

We have been so fortunate to get all of the help, support, and funding that we have received for Kinnick and Carver. Working to get all of the things Kinnick and Carver need can be so overwhelming and exhausting. With that said, some big changes are heading our way. In some ways, I'm excited to see what the next step is and what it has to offer Kinnick and Carver and in other ways, I'm very sad to give up what we've had and know.

Kinnick and Carver will start pre-school on their 3rd birthday. I know it's a great school, but it's a really scary change, and exposure to lots of other kids. They need what school will have to offer. I'm not an expert when it comes to teaching and certainly not an expert when it comes to teaching a blind or blind/deaf child.

Once Kinnick and Carver start school, we'll lose our Rainbows staff. Rainbows has been coming to our home for nearly 2 years. We receive PT, OT, SLP, TOD, VT, and early childhood development. Rainbows has been instrumental in helping us get much needed equipment for Kinnick and Carver. I'm very thankful for all of their help and guidance. I'm one of those parents that never feels like my kids get enough. I'm sure that I'm hard to deal with and don't tell those involved how much I truly appreciate them. The truth is that I really appreciate everything that they do for my children and I'm truly going to miss each and every one of them. It's like they're a part of our family, and I hate to let go of them. Where does the time go?

What else... we are gearing up for our next trip to MI. We will hit the road on February 22nd - Nurse Marci, me, and K&C. Kinnick and Carver have EUA's on February 24th. It's a given that Kinnick will have eye surgery due to the high eye pressure in her right eye. The pressure is at 37 - way too high. I'm hopeful that Carver will not require any surgery. His eye is still pretty irritated for some reason. If it doesn't get better soon, he will have to go in for another EUA here in Wichita. I really don't want to have him sedated again. While in MI, we're hoping to see some of our micro-preemie moms, dads, and kids.

Bob and I are planning some time away in March. We don't get much time together, so we really need this time.


AWilder8509 said...

Your little ones are so amazing!...I have not been following their journey for very long but have read most of their story from the beginning....they are such an inspiration!...I hope all goes well in Michigan...I hope we never have to go back up there...Dr. Trese is so talented and we are so greatful for what he has been able to do for Ayden but Id rather not have to see him again...Good luck up there!

AWilder8509 said...

Your llil ones are so amazing!..I have not been following their journey for long but have read most of the beginning of their story and keep up with the most recent....they are just such an inspiration...I hope all goes well up in Michigan!...Dr. Trese is so skilled & we are so greatful for what he has done for Ayden but we hope to never have to see him again!...Good luck up there!

Sherri said...

I can only imagine how this transition will be for you. I don't know how much of it is true(since Gannon can't talk) but I was always told school is much harder on parents than the child(ren). I won't lie Gannon did pick up a few colds here and there being exposed to new germs. But it does get better :) This is our 3rd school yr in that class and this is the 1st year Gannon hasn't even came down with a cold! I was extremely worried about this yr but he has surprised me again :) I am praying for you and those babes as their bday approaches. At least you know someone coming into the class! I didn't when I first sent Gannon. I was a complete MESS! haha I cried and cried because I was so worried "something" would happen and he has no way to tell me...of course nothing did. Or we wouldn't be there still.

Good luck in MI! I pray K's surgery is a success and the DR's can save her eye. We will have to get together sometime after that!

stacy said...

can't wait to see you guys again. you are awesome...and we are jealous of your vacation. i could use one bad!
love ya,

Sarah said...

I just went through the whole school thing and giving up early intervention. Our situations are a tad different, obviously, but if it helps at all school has been the best thing ever for Emery. He is literally flourishing in ways that I couldn't imagine, and it's because they are professionals. He loves going to school and gets excited every day and literally starts asking for the school bus.

And as always, if you're in this direction at all we'd love to see you :)