Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th, 2010

It's been an exhausting week. Kinnick and Carver had their EI evaluations done in a classroom setting on Monday and Tuesday. While I have had some concerns, the school has responded very quickly to those concerns. I still have one lingering concern. Kinnick and Carver are still considered medically fragile and the thought of hospitalization due to catching something in the school that goes unnoticed is just overwhelming me with fear. Initially, there was talk about my nurses attending school with K&C. That made me feel a little better about sending them because I trust my nurses who have learned to act very quickly to early warning signs of trouble. Now, the school is saying that may not be possible. They are suggesting that one of their nurses attend school with K&C. I don't want to say that their nurses aren't competent, but they certainly don't "know" K&C and it would be difficult for them to "know" K&C's early warning signs of trouble in 6 short weeks (the amount of time that K&C would attend school this school year). I'm currently pleading with the school to allow my nurses to attend with K&C. I'm afraid that if they say no, we will be forced to get home bound services. Not that home bound services are bad, I would just prefer getting the services in the school. We've already met all of the therapists and are very impressed with all of them. I'm not sure who we would have if we go with home bound services.

Therapists from the school have come to evaluate Kinnick and Carver over the past few weeks in the home environment. A few more were here today and a few more will be here tomorrow.

Carver continues to have fluid behind his eardrum (right ear). The ENT will look at it again in 2 weeks. If the fluid is still present, he wants to schedule surgery to have tubes put in Carver's ears to drain the fluid. When do we get a break?

We hit the road first thing Monday morning for the long drive to MI for more eye surgery. Yippie! Gotta love heading North in the Winter.

I'll leave you with a few cute pictures of the kids....

Carver dreaming after a long day of school. He was just exhausted.

I didn't realize how long Kinnick's hair had gotten until I put pony tails in her hair the other day. Wow, her hair grows like a weed!


Laura said...

Oh Shanon I hear ya! I know J isn't going to school yet but when that time comes (next year) I will be terrified. I really hope they let K&C have their nurse, I really don't get why they wouldn't, do they have to pay her or is it your insurance? They look great as usual. I love Kinnicks hair can't wait for Leah to get some:)

Sherri said...

It was great seeing you this week. I am praying for you and those babes. Hopeing the pieces fall into place. Your nurses are amazing and you have every right to express concern to them about not "knowing" K & C. I am also honestly hoping after summer break, next year will be good for you guys. Hopefully some of those rowdy boys will be gone(mine included) and mr. Carver can learn :) I almost called you today but knew you had peeps there...haha..but I will have to call you later. It was rather interesting the rest of the week at school. I did get some awesome news though about Kindergarten which I am super excited about. Looks like we both leave town around the same time. I will be praying for your trip and of course their surgeries. Take care and call if you need to :D

The Hull Munchkins said...

We had the same dilemma! Abby was in pre-K for 1.5 yrs and got sick so much. She was in the hospital several times, mainly for fever which causes prolonged seizures for her.

We were sad to pull her out of school, but now she gets home bound services. It's great to be personally involved again in her therapy, but it's Very time consuming. We are stuck at home waiting for therapists to come or go and the daily tasks of running a home pile up.

I really hope K&C do great in school! If the other parents understand their fragile state maybe that would help... they might keep their sick kids home.

They are such cuties!

Elliott said...

Good morning Shanon. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know we are thinking of you and your beautiful family. Kristi and I were at the NICU with our 24 week twins Abbi and Dani. We think of you often.

Take care.