Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th, 2010

We are home. It's always such a relief to be home. The trip to MI really wears us out. Of course, we were well equipped for the long drive. There was no shortage of sugar.....

Kinnick and Carver travel so good. You hardly hear a peep out of them. Carver brought his favorite chew toy and wouldn't part with it unless it fell from his hand.

Kinnick looked at her books over and over again. Don't tell her that her book is upside down. She reads with her hands and has no idea the book is upside down.

The drive always seems to cause stomach problems. Kinnick's stomach was out of control. On the way to MI, we stopped to get lunch and I unplugged her G-tube - food poured out everywhere! We had to strip her down in the Subway parking lot and change her clothes. Her breakfast from 3 hours earlier still hadn't left her stomach and the added lunch just compounded the problem. The next stop was to Walgreens for suppositories. We finally got things moving after about 3 suppositories, but until things were moving, Kinnick was not a happy girl. Carver received 1 suppository and proceeded to dump enough for an army. I'm not sure where he had all of it stored.

Kinnick ended up having surgery in both eyes for her Glaucoma. The pressure was 37 in both eyes. They did a laser surgery and some freezing in a few spots where folds were in the way - making it impossible to use the laser. We were told that this typically brings the pressure down into the 20's for a couple of years before you start seeing problems again. She should recover pretty quickly from the surgery, but does have quite a bit of swelling.

Carver didn't need any surgery. They checked his eye for infection and didn't see any infection. His eye is still irritated from the last surgery. The doctor gave him some gel to put in his eye at bedtime. Hopefully the gel will do the trick. We will return to MI in 6 months.


Laura said...

Look how happy they look! Poor Kinnick that had to feel horrible with her bowels, we were struggling with that with J till you recommended (miralax)we use it everyday, oh what a differance! I really wish we could have seen you guys but will definitly get together when you come back. Glad to hear you made it home o.k. Going to look at the Arcadia monday, thanks!!

Sherri said...

Yeah I am so happy you made it home! I was thinking about you guys all week. And how exciting for Carver to not have to have surgery! Hopefully Kinnicks eyes will hold off for 2 years...that would be amazing if she didn't have to have another surgery for awhile! Talk to you soon and glad you and your babes are getting back to normal around here.

on a side note: it would be amazing if your children could teach my children to love the car! Ugh...our trip was not as low key as yours...haha. (ok not that yours was low key with the tummy issues :( ) but ours was a disaster in the making! And we are going to KC next week and then Dallas again in 2 weeks i think.

Nancy said...

Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog from another blog that I follow and just finished reading through all of your posts. Your babies are amazing! Not to mention quite cute. I also have a micro preemie, though mine is almost 9 years old now. I am also a assistive technology facilitator with a degree in teaching the blind and visually impaired, so it's interesting to me to see what is being done for your children.
Looking forward to reading more about these cute kiddos in the future!
Nancy :)