Sunday, August 22, 2010

Headed back to Michigan for EUA's to check the eyes

We leave for Michigan first thing tomorrow morning. Kinnick and Carver have another EUA to check the status of their eyes. As always, we're hopeful that surgery will not be necessary, but we never know until the doctor is able to get a good look at their eyes.

I'm excited to see some of our micro preemie friends and family. I think that's the best part of going back to Michigan.

On the way home, we're planning a stop at Surfari Joe's Indoor Water park in Watervliet, MI. This is a hotel with an indoor water park - similar to the Great Wolf Lodge. You get a room for the night, with 2 queen sized beds, 4 passes to their indoor water park, and breakfast for $99. We'll be staying the night of the 26th. If anyone is nearby or wants to make the trip, we would love to see you there! I won't have my computer, but I'll have my iphone, so just send me an email. My email address is at the left hand side of my blog.

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shannnah said...

Good luck with your EUA's! David goes October 8th for his...Fingers crossed for either no changes or GOOD changes for all of our kids :) I live in the upper peninsula though so it's not a super long drive...well it IS 7 hours one way but I count myself lucky :) Have a safe drive...