Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trip to Michigan for eye EUA's

We're back from the long drive to/from Royal Oak, MI. The kids always do great in the car. Kinnick did beg to go to the Beach and then begged to go home, but other then that, they did pretty good.

Carver's eye exam didn't yield anything new. His eyes seem to be pretty stable. The doctor said that should could do a surgery to make them a little better, but it wouldn't be worth the risk of what we could lose.

Kinnick's eye exam wasn't quite as good. The pressure in her right eye has increased, again. This means that the last glaucoma surgery is no longer helping in the right eye. We going to increase the eye drops and hope the pressure comes down. She will get the pressure checked again in about a month (here in Wichita). We'll tweak the drops until we can return to MI for more surgery in 6-9 months.

Here are some pictures from the trip...

Carver taking a nap on the way to MI.

Kinnick Full of energy on the ride to MI.

Carver done with his nap.

Kinnick finally wore out....

While in MI, we got to visit a great Micro Preemie friend, Conner. Kinnick followed him around saying, "Hi", and begging for kisses. She even backed up and sat on his lap. I don't think he knew what to think of her. Stacy and David, Thanks for having us over. We miss you guys!

Tried one of the Kid's meals at Applebees. No joke, an Applebees in MI "accidentally" filled a child's tippy cup with Margarita! I enjoyed my Kid's meal. Luckily my kids don't like to eat or drink anything new. So, no worries that my kids might "accidentally" get a Margarita served to them in their tippy cup.

Kinnick talked non-stop about going to the "beach". So, we stopped in a town near the great lakes, so Kinnick could see the beach. It was too cold to do anything, but she got to see the beach.

On the way home, Kinnick helped her baby read a book.

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