Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 2nd, 2011 - Right Cochlear Implant

The day has FINALLY come - after waiting nearly an entire year. Carver had surgery this morning to re-implant his right cochlear implant. They started the surgery at 9:10am and didn't finish until almost noon. He was really sleepy and therefore was requiring lots of oxygen. He's never been this sleepy after a surgery. He was still sleeping at 3:30pm, but they went ahead and released us. They knew we had oxygen and monitors at home.

Once we got home, Carver continued to sleep until 6:00pm. We finally put his left cochlear implant on, and he woke up ready to play. Blood soaked through the white gauze bandage. I was concerned, so I called the Doctor around 9:30pm. The Doctor wasn't concerned. He said this is common with revisions. I guess they bleed more. Carver got tired quickly, so we put him to bed.

Carver slept until around 1:00am and then started gagging and desatting. I had to vent his stomach. His digestive track was still sleepy and his tummy was filling with gas. I ended up having to vent his stomach a couple of times an hour the rest of the night. Not such a fun night. I gave him two doses of Tylenol with codeine throughout the night.

Carver anxiously waiting for surgery.

Carver shortly after surgery. Ready to go home.

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