Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23rd, 2008

Today, Carver ate soooo good.  He is eating everything that Kinnick is eating with the exception of meat.  We haven't pushed that one, yet.  But, it won't be long.  Carver is also rolling from stomach to back now (he was already rolling back to stomach).  When he wants to get somewhere he just rolls till he gets there.

Kinnick has caught a cold.  She's up a bit on her O's.  She sounds terrible.  We're hoping she's better by Monday.  Otherwise, the trip to MI will have to be rescheduled.  Anytime her chest sounds bad, they won't sedate her.  We try so hard to keep the kids healthy.  We have a family of 9, so it's nearly impossible to keep the house free of germs.  We don't take the kids anywhere except to the doctors office.  We rarely even take walks (could probably count the number on 1 hand).  It's too bright outside for their eyes and it seems to really bother them.   Hopefully Carver won't catch the cold.  I have it and it's miserable - I caught it from Kinnick.  I rarely catch anything.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad about the colds!! We have something too- seems crazy during the summer! We will pray the trip to Michigan doesn't get interrupted! So glad that Carver is eating better! They're both getting so big!

Hey, when you have time, do you have a link that explains the medicaid stuff? I have a friend who adopted a baby who has a feeding tube (it's an ng tube though) and will need several surgeries to correct the problem that's causing her to need the tube. She was under the impression that she could get help from medicaid... Any words of advice of who to call, what strings to pull, etc??? I told her I'd ask you!!