Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22nd, 2009

I guess it's been a while since I updated.  So, let's see...  

Carver got a new map for his CI.  I really think he's hearing us with his CI on.  If we sit behind him and say Shhhhhh, he laughs consistently.  We try to make sure that we aren't blowing on him.  At first, we thought maybe that was what he was laughing at.  We are definitely not blowing on him, so we feel like it is a positive response.  He also laughs when we laugh.  It's really cute.  We have 2 different audiologists and 2 different speech therapists working with him.  One set in our home and one set in the office.  We see 1 of each every week.

Treadmill training has been a little rough.  K&C have both had colds the past couple of weeks and this makes them a little crabby.  Carver cried throughout his entire walk on the treadmill (all 4 minutes).  Kinnick didn't like being restrained, so she cried through about 50% of her walk (8 minutes).  Next week, they're going to just hold her torso while she walks on the treadmill.  Hopefully she'll like it better.  Both of them are doing really good.  Carver just doesn't put enough weight on his legs, so he's hunched over the entire walk - letting the harness do most of the work.  He also walks on his tip toes.  So, we have an appt to get him fitted for DAFO's.  These are little boot like braces that will help support his ankles and will help keep his feet flat so he can't walk on his toes.  Once we get them, I'll take pictures.  They are molded to fit him and are shipped off to be made, so I'm not sure how long it will take.   Our gait trainer (medical walker w/harness system) should be ordered by the end of the week.  We're excited to get this.  It's basically the same system used for treadmill training.  We'll be able to work with K&C at home.

Kinnick is really trying to find ways to be more mobile.  She now sits on her bottom and turns in circles - kicking her heels on the floor all of the way around in a circle.  I found her kneeling at the rail of her bed, hanging onto the top part of the rail one night.  Last night I found her sitting in her bed with both legs through the holes between the slats.  She was sitting up - legs dangling out of the bed and she was chewing on the upper part of the rail.  This means that she is able to pull herself up.  So, I think she'll figure out how to get places really soon.

Carver is still rolling all over the place.  His neck control continues to improve.  I finally picked out a stander for Carver.  We're getting the Tristander 45.  It's a "tumble forms" stander.  It has lots of padding.  The only bad thing is that he's supposed to be 32 in. tall to use it.  He's only around 30 in. right now.  I'm not sure how well it will work prior to being 32 in.  I have the funding and don't want to lose it.  I could order a different stander that fits him now, but it just doesn't seem right for the long term.   These things cost around $3,500.00, so it's not something that you just throw away and buy another one in 6 months.

Work is going good.  I'm just getting back into the swing of things.  My days go much faster.  I'm adjusting and think part time is going to work out just fine.

I finally took my pictures to be developed.  They'll be back tomorrow, so I'll try to get them posted by the weekend.


Jennifer said...

Holy Cow! $3500.00?? :-0 And I was complaining to my PT about the price of the bath chair being $600. And it's just a glorified lawn chair. UGH! It seems to be highway robbery for medical equipment.

24weeker's Mama said...

hi Shanon, if possible could you please take a pic when Carver is on trademill exercise? I am curious :D

Anyway, i am leaving to Oahu tonight. Sam will be in the OR for eye exam again. I will let you know when we come back.

I will be out of island until Feb. 6th.

~ yani ~