Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures from our trip to Jamaica

Finally, a few pictures of our get-a-way to Jamaica.  Bob and I got married in Jamaica.  This was our first trip back.  The disposable water camera didn't work well at all.  In fact, the majority of the pictures either didn't turn out or were so fuzzy, you couldn't see what was in the picture.  They were very disappointing.  So, this is about all I could find.   They're not great and any picture of me in a swimsuit was quickly booted!

We took a trip into the jungle to do some zip lining.  It was a blast.  This is just a picture on our way into the jungle.  Unfortunately, none of the zip line pics turned out.

This is a picture of the vehicle we had to ride in to get up into the jungle.

We took a trip to Rick's cafe in Negril.  This is where locals go to do cliff diving.  We stayed for the sunset.

If you look way up in the tree, you can see where this local dove from.  Bob jumped from a 50 foot cliff.  I was too chicken.  I don't do heights well.

This is a picture from the beach at our resort.  We stayed at the Riu Montego Bay.

This is a picture of a snorkel outing.  It reminds me of "Lost as Sea".

It's interesting to see how the Jamaicans really live.  This is a typical home or neighborhood.

Here are some more of their homes.  This is how the majority of the Jamaicans live.

Who does this look like?  Chris Rock?  This was our bartender.  

This is a another picture from the beach at the resort.

Another picture from the beach.  We spent a day kayaking and paddle boating.  You could also go sailing.  All of this was included in the "All inclusive" package at the hotel.

This is a picture of the pool area on the resort.

This is just a picture taken while walking around the resort.

This is a picture of the view from our room.  We didn't pay for an ocean view, but we could still see the ocean.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you got a chance to have a break! Looks like tons of fun!!

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Hilary said...

looks like you guys had a well deserved vaction!!! the beach the palm trees the sun how great!!! have a great week

24weeker's Mama said...

awesome pics.
The pool pic almost looks like a painting.