Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th, 2009

Today we received the results of Carver's Sleep Study.  He has severe obstructive sleep apnea.  They want to remove his tonsils and adenoids right away.  I have a consultation with the ENT next Wednesday.  So, I'm guessing that we're going to have to push his CI to next month.  I don't think that it's a good idea to do 2 big surgeries back-to-back.  I'm going to talk to each of the doctors to get their opinions.  On top of this, I really need to be going back to MI for more eye surgery.  Carver's cataract is getting worse on his left eye and he will need to have the lens removed.  I'm a little overwhelmed with the thought of 3 different surgeries for one child.  All of the surgeries need done ASAP, soooooo which comes first and how far apart do they need to be??  

Kinnick has started letting loose and taking steps on her own.  She's now taking 4-5 steps without help.  I think she'll be walking within another month.

Kinnick and Carver had their 2 year old check-ups yesterday.  They are both growing at their own pace.  They're in the lowest of percentiles, but on the charts.

20 lbs  <1%
30 7/8 in tall 1%
44 3/4 cm head <3%

21.4 lbs <1%
31 1/2 in tall 1%
45 cm head <3%

Kinnick and Carver have officially outgrown their infant car seats.  Due to their special needs, an organization (Kansas Safe Kids) is providing new car seats for Kinnick and Carver.  We should get them next week.  They are Britax Boulevard car seats - a very reputable car seat that should allow them to continue to sit rear facing until Carver is able to sit without help and Kinnick is able to get a little more upper body strength.  These car seats also recline so that Carver's head doesn't flop down or over.  He'll be able to ride similar to the way he rides in his infant car seat.  This is a very generous donation - if purchased, they cost around $310.00 per seat.  This helps us tremendously with the current economy and the effects the economy has had on our income.  We feel very blessed. 


Jennifer said...

That is so awesome about the car seats! What a relief that is to not have to worry about the money for those.

I'm sorry to hear Carver is needing so many surgeries. I would be stressing over that too. Do you go alone to MI?

Thanks for commenting about the Down's Syndrome post. My whole point in it was that I don't understand how people can feel so free to comment on our children.


Kristina said...

I'm so sorry to hear that little Carver needs so much medical attention ASAP! I hope that the doctors treating him can work as a team to help you sort out the priority and timing of everything out so it can match what is appropriate and safe for a 2 year old.

I've heard great things about the car seats you mention. It's so nice you were able to get them donated - that takes one item off your plate.

I will say a few extra prayers that everything works out ok for Carver.


Tiffany said...

I'm excited to hear you got those great car seats donated. I am trying to figure out what car seat to move to next. Randy has two more pounds to gain, but is 29 1/4 inches long. He is breaking my back in the infant seat. How did you handle carrying two?!

I'll keep Carver in my prayers. It would be nice if a couple of them could be coordinated.

The Hull Munchkins said...

Oh, that is so rough on the little guy. I'm sorry you have to look forward to so many procedures for Carver. I'm sorry to hear about his apnea spells. I hope the surgery really helps him!

The kids are so adorable! Way to go for Kinnick walking! That is a big step.
(micro preemie mom)

Anonymous said...

Ill keep Carver in my prayers for a sucessful surgery. When I was little I had to have both removed also becuase i would stop breating at night. We have the britax seats and we LOVE them. We have a van and can recline the actual van seats they are in so they really work well. You are going to love them, they are even plush!