Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19th, 2009

Kinnick's first UTI.

Friday, my nurse called me at work to report that Kinnick had a strange odor to her urine. The day before, her other nurse said something about how her urine smelled, and that she had a slight temp 99.3. So, I left work early on Friday and took her to the doctor. They cathed her and took a urine sample (not fun). The test results came back negative. They went ahead and sent it to the lab and sure enough, we received a call Saturday morning to tell us that Kinnick had a UTI. So, she's on another antibiotic. The poor kid, seems like she's constantly on antibiotics. Despite the infection, she still seems to be playing and eating well.

Carver is back to eating like he was before his surgery. He seems to really be enjoying his meals. Now if we can just get them to eat some table foods or snacks.


Andrea Cominini said...

Hi... I have a question...
how much your children see?
Maybe I'll come to royal oak to do a vitrectomy to my doughter's eyes.
I'm Italian.
Wait for your news.

Andrea said...

Hi, I have a question...
How much your children see?
I'm Italian and maybe I'll come to royal oak for surgery for my doughter's eye.
I wait for your news.