Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd, 2009

We are home. Carver's surgery lasted about an hour. He slept a lot and whimpered quit a bit throughout the night. You can tell there is quite a bit of swelling in his throat. We're keeping him on 1/2 lt O2 during the day and night. When his throat hurts, his sats drop pretty low (70's) and his heart rate goes up pretty high (190's). He's getting prescription pain medicine and it seems to be helping. He doesn't want to eat or drink. The G-tube is once again coming in pretty handy for the fluids and nutrition. His lungs are a little crackly, but he seems to be holding his sats for the most part. They told me that it could take 7-10 for him to heal enough that he will want to eat/drink. We're putting little bits of water in his mouth as he'll let us - just to keep his throat from drying out. One surgery down - two more to go. How exhausting.

Kinnick has been handling 1/8 lt O2, so we're still hopefull to have her off the O2 within a few days.

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stacy larson said...

glad you're home. hope the little man starts feeling better soon.