Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Hawkeyes made the "Press"

Check out my kids....

They are the first 3 photos ....

Just paste the link below in your browser.. apps/pbcs. dll/gallery? Avis=D5&Dato= 20090903& Kategori= FRYFEST&Lopenr= 909030801& Ref=PH

Most of you that know us, know that Kinnick, Carver, and their big brother, Hayden are all named after the Iowa Hawkeyes (Dad's the Hawkeye). Hayden Fry (former Iowa Hawkeye football coach) turns 80 this year. They are having a big ceremony in his honor. They asked for photo's of people or animals named after Hayden Fry. Well, we have a few :o). I quickly submitted a picture of each of the kids in their Hawkeye outfits. The pictures aren't current, I only had a short time to submit the pictures, but they made the press!

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Jennifer said...

Shanon- thanks for all your support. I am about frazzled over this! You have been a big help to me and one of the reasons if this all goes through I will have felt better about it. Thank you!