Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th, 2009

Loving the new Stair System.....

BTW... Carver's vest isn't for fashion, it's holding his "Lena". The device that is recording sounds (his and ours) for the study we're involved in for Deaf/Blind with CI's.


Laura said...

The kids look great! How big are they now, Carver looks like he's grown taller! I am so happy you get all this equiptment I am trying so hard to find funding just to get stuff for Jonathan!

I wanted you to know how very greatful I am to you for the advice a couple weeks ago, Jonathan is now on probiotics and he is getting 3ozs of cranberry juice a day and it seems like it has really helped he is so happy and not pulling at his tubie tubie as much. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

They are just so cute! Can't believe how big they are getting!