Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new Pony for Carver

Last year, we got a size 1 pony through MRDD funding. A size 1 pony typically fits an age 3-6 year old. Carver was a little older then 2 1/2, so it made since at that time to get the size 1. We knew it would be too big for a short while, but figured that he would be able to use it within 6 months. Well, here we are a year later and he's still too small for the size 1 pony. He's grown, but all of the length has been in his torso - not his legs. So, he's still 2 inches too short for the size 1 pony.

I've been looking for a size 0 pony to borrow for quite some time, but haven't had any luck finding one. Finally, I was on Ebay and found one for sale. I was able to purchase a size 0 pony for $525. This is a great buy - these things cost around $3,000 new. So much for paying off the credit card :o). The size 0 pony came FedEx yesterday afternoon. I tore into it like a Christmas package. I was so excited to finally get something that would allow Carver to be mobile in an upright position.

Carver is still learning how to use the pony, but he has had a few good "runs" in it since we got it yesterday.

This picture shows how much work it is for Carver to coordinate the movements to walk in the pony AND hold his head up at the same time.

In this picture, he has discovered that he is moving the pony.

Here, it gets a little easier to move the pony.

And here, he decided to throw his hands in the air and run in the pony.


Sherri said...

YEAH for Carver!!! What a difference this will make for him :) So excited to watch him progress in this. It looks like this will work for him for awhile!!! Thankgoodness you were ON ebay that day...haha.

The Hull Munchkins said...

I've heard lots of good things about the pony! Carver looks so cute up right in it. How cool that he can move it on his own. Great practice for trunk strength and head control.

Go Carver!

Jennifer said...

He looks so good though! I wish we could Liam looking as good as Carver. A pony is still along way off for us. Ya'll must be so proud of him!