Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th, 2010

Today, Carver received a new Tumble Forms chair - compliments of the Deaf/Blind Funding. This is such a cool chair. It comes in several pieces that allow you to put the chair in all sorts of positions.

This is a picture of Carver working on sitting with his PT.

Tonight, I was playing with the chair and created a cute little recliner. Carver sat really good in it for a few minutes. It was the perfect height for him. His feet hit the ground with his knees at a 90% angle. So cute! What a handsome little guy.


Laura said...

OMG he looks so awesome! Good job Carver, your a rock star!

Sherri said...

WOW, I LOVE that chair!!! I agree with you he last picture is super cute! Carver is such a handsome boy :)

Looks like he got his haircut ;)