Monday, October 25, 2010

A visit from Grandpa Woolley

Grandpa Woolley came to visit this past weekend. It's always nice to see Grandpa Woolley. He's a great guest and we always hate to see him go. In just a few short days, he did so much for us. He treats us like the guests.

On Thursday, he scraped, primed, and painted the trim around the garage. Then he cooked fresh fish that he caught fishing in MI.

On Friday he made stuffed bell peppers and rice and he fixed a light switch that had a short in it. He also spent forever pushing Kinnick on her tricycle.

On Saturday, he squeezed in time to see Gage's Football game before hitting the road.

Oh, and then there were the endless piles of books that Kinnick talked him into reading.

Let's not forget to mention the abuse he took while playing with Hayden and the nurf guns, the time he spent with Carver, and the time he gave Gregory looking at trains.

Everyone enjoyed Grandpa Woolley's visit. We hope to see him again soon. Thanks for the good times, Bob Sr.

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