Friday, December 10, 2010

Carver's Special Tomato MPS for Feeding

Carver's new Special Tomato MPS came today. This will be used to replace the baby highchair. It should grow with him until at least age 8. At the rate my children are growing, this will fit him until he's a teenager. It will be a bit of an adjustment going from a baby seat to a bigger seat. This seat is lower then a baby seat, so I'm going to buy a small chair on wheels - like the ones you see in the doctors office with no back on them. This will put us at Carver's level, so we can feed him. Other then that adjustment, this should work out great and can also be used for Kinnick.

For fun, here is a picture of Kinnick going for a ride in the back of Hayden's dump truck - wearing Carver's slippers.

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Jennifer said...

Awesome! I love the pic of Kinnick! lol I and I love the chair for Carver. I wonder if we could get one paid for through medicaid. I doubt it though. We have the special tomato but there isn't a tray. I was hoping he could sit at the table but he's too small to do that yet. The kids look great!