Saturday, December 25, 2010

Early Christmas

Nurse Marci and her mom, Grandpa Gray (GG) came to visit a few days before Christmas. They brought several nice gifts for Kinnick and Carver. Kinnick and Carver got the opportunity to practice opening gifts. Wow, I was quite surprised how well they did unwrapping their gifts.

One of the things that Carver got was a drum that lights up and plays music. It's just the right height and is easy for Carver to hold and play. Kinnick was very interested in the new drum and was even a little jealous.

Kinnick quickly forgot about the new drum when she saw her new easel. The easel was just the right size. One side is a magnetic dry erase board. The other side is a chalk board. Both sides hold paper for drawing. Nurse Marci also got some really neat crayons that are for dry erase boards. Very cool. Kinnick has really been getting into coloring. We hang her pictures on the fridge and she frequently visits the pictures.

Nurse Marci loves shoes, so we rarely need to buy shoes in our house. Carver got the cutest pair of chucks - navy blue high tops. We have a really hard time keeping shoes on Carver. These stay on really good.

Kinnick got a new pair of boots - very cute. She kept them on all day. We didn't take them off until bed time.

Thank you Nurse Marci and GG for the great gifts!

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Sherri said...

That is SO neat that Nurse Marci and GG were able to spend some time with the kids. Holy Cow the kids did amazing opening gifts! It was NOT near that smooth over here with Gannon..haha. Oh and your cookies on the prev post look amazing!!!

Those shoes are SO stinkin' cute too!!! I don't blame K for not wanting to take hers off :)