Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11th, 2010

It seems like I've talked a lot about Carver lately, so today I'll give you a little update on Kinnick. Kinnick is still doing really good with her primary colors. She is very consistent when telling us her colors, so it's obvious that she can see in color. She insists on telling you the color of everything. We've started working on counting 1-10. We're starting slowly. She's got 1-2 down, and she is now counting 2 items for fun - ears, eyes, toys, books, etc. I'll do a video when she is able to count to 10. We're also working on ABC's. We say each letter, then she repeats the letter. In some cases, she'll say the next letter in line. For example, if I say "H", she'll say "I". She can repeat all of the letters in the alphabet in her raspy little bedroom voice. It's so cute. Hopefully, she'll know her alphabet by the end of the school year. If so, I'll be beaming with pride (as if I'm not already). She hates eating, but will now request bites of her yogurt at breakfast. She refers to yogurt as her "yo-yo", and often wants to carry a container of yogurt around the house. She can clear an entire shelf in the pantry searching for the yogurt. She can open the doors to the pantry, now. You can always tell when she's been in the pantry - it looks like a tornado went through - every time. She's also requesting to "eat" shortly before meal time. She comes to us and says, "eat". Hard to believe because she really doesn't like eating.

So far we've been lucky this winter. Kinnick and Carver have already had several colds, but nothing that has required a significant amount of oxygen. Extra breathing treatments and a slight increase in oxygen has taken care of the colds so far. Each year seems to get better.

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