Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carver's IEP Goals

Carver's new IEP Goals:

Goal 1 (PT): Complete the following with 75% accuracy...
A. Tolerate a tailor sitting position with minimum assist for 5-10 min with adequate head control.
B. maintain head neutral position for a minimum of 5 min while in supported sitting and or standing positions.
C. Maintain hip and knee extension to allow weight bearing for a minimum of 5 min with minimal assist/support.
D. Hold a supported quadreped position for 2-3 min, weight bearing through upper and lower extremities with fair form.
E. Tolerate using a gait training device to move forward in an upright standing position for 5-10 feet with appropriate physical prompts/supports and minimum to moderate assist from an adult.

Goal 2 (OT): Demonstrate a functional use of objects in the classroom environment
A. Demonstrate appropriate grasp and release of 3 objects in a container with minimal physical prompting.
B. Reaching for objects in all planes with minimal physical prompting when vibration, song, or light is activated while in a seated position on the floor.
C. Participate in at least 3 different 2 handed tasks in which each hand has the same action.

Goal 3 (SLP): When seated beside the feeder with support and/or equipment...
A. Demonstrate a safe swallow and maintain mobility/movement related to feeding when given a variety of foods (including, but not limited to taste, temperature, smell, and thickness) and utensils (including, but not limited to soon, cup, and straw).

Goal 4 (SLP/HI): Given decreasing facilitation...
A. Demonstrate pragmatic language abilities including but not limited to, initiate, request and refuse during various activities by gesturing/vocally responding using a switch to various educators/team members and peers. Gesturing/vocalizing includes, but is not limited to answering Y/N, "more" by scratching his fingers against a listener's palm, gesture to himself for "my turn", touch a listener to gain his/her attention.
B. Demonstrate the ability to follow verbal directions, including, but not limited to "stop, wait, turn on, off, eat, drink, go, sit up, give me ____, put in" during daily routines and transitions, with no more than 2 verbal prompts.
C. Demonstrate the ability to accurately choose between a variety of objects, preferred vs. non-preferred.
D. Demonstrate the ability to participate in turn taking activities (games, songs) with no more than 1 prompt.
E. Increase joint attention to a task to 5 min.

Goal 5 (HI): Given facilitation...
A. Show recognition of Ling sounds (ah, ee, oo, sh, s, and mm) when the sounds are presented 1 foot away.
B. Will learn 10 new sounds.
C. Will show a response of attendance to the listener (smile, lifting head, tuning head) when his name is called.
D. Will listen for the sounds of objects and retrieve the objects when the object is 2-3' away from him.
E. During a routine, Carer will be presented with the name of 2 objects (1 syllable word vs. 2 syllable word) and he will choose the correct object.

Goal 6 (VI): Develop visual efficiency
A. Carver will attend to an object on a lightbox.
B. Carver will track on object on a lightbox.
C. Carver will physically locate an object on a lightbox.

Goal 7 (VI): Given a book...
A. Carver will locate tactile graphic 50% of the time.
B. Carver will locate braille 50% of the time.
C. Carver will turn pages independently with 75% accuracy

Goal 8 (SLP/OT): Improve self-help independence within the classroom environment
A. Bring a cup to his mouth with verbal and visual cues only
B. Utilize a spoon for self feeding with minimal assistance
C. Demonstrate the ability to remove his own hat

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Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

I must say friend, it sounds like you have a fabulous spec ed team! NOt everyone gets so lucky! Yay for you and double yay for the twins!!