Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Finish Box"

Since Carver is Blind/Deaf, it's important that we teach him that things don't just disappear when they are no longer in your hands. So, we keep a tin cake pan next to his chair. We call this the "finish box". He is able to use his Cochlear implant to hear when something falls into the tin cake pan. Then, if he wants something to play with, he knows where he can find it. He is supposed to put things in the tin pan when he is finished playing with them.

I'd say he's getting pretty good at using the "finish box".

That's a big pile of finished toys.

Kinnick loves music. Her newest thing is to beg for everyones I-Phone, so she can listen to the music. Bob's I-Phone quit keeping a charge, so now it's Kinnick's. Here's where we found her today - listening to music on her I-Phone...


Tara said...

Love the finish box! Do you care if I share the idea on kidzorg.blogspot?

hibmom said...

Glad I found your blog! I have a daughter with bilateral cochlear implants who was deafened by bacterial meningitis and is now nine years old. I blog at

Hope you will stop by and visit!

Tara said...

Sharing for letting us share this! It's scheduled to post this Tuesday :)