Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A new AmTryke - Donated to Kinnick and Carver

I received a call from one of my Case Managers yesterday (MRDD). She had a lady donate their child's AmTryke. This is a special needs tricycle. She asked if we would like to have it. Of course I said, yes! I was wanting one for the kids, but they were so expensive. It cleaned up wonderfully! Kinnick has spent all evening trying to figure it out. She is able to push with her feet (on the floor) and turn the handles to go. We're going to work on pushing - using the pedals.

Carver isn't able to use the AmTryke as-is. So, I'm going to order a snappy seat, and an H harness. This will give him the security he needs to ride of the tricycle. The picture below doesn't show the H harness. It comes separately.

The AmTryke is made by Kettler. So, I sent an email to see if we can get the tandem insert. This will allow Kinnick and Carver to ride together. I'm hoping they say the insert will work on the AmTryke. Just looking at pictures, it looks like they use the same base frame. I'm excited to hear if it will work.

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Stacy said...

Conner has a Kettler tricycle and learned to use it last summer. It was recommended by his PT. Don't know what the difference is between it and this one, but his has a handle on it (that we can push and the pedals move...different than some other brands) and we added some velcro pedals (to keep his feet on) so he would get the motion. He finally figured it out! Hope your kids have the same experience. Kettler's are the best.