Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15th, 2008

Carver is starting to feel better. I was able to move him to 1/2 lt oxygen last night. Hopefully we'll be able to get him back to 1/4 lt by the first part of the week. He still has a snotty nose and a little cough, but is much better. He is scheduled to have his G-tube placed Wednesday. It stinks because now he'll be in the hospital on Easter and if he doesn't get out within a week, he could be there for his first birthday. Yes, Kinnick and Carver will be 1 year old March 29th. I can't believe they are going to turn 1 in the next couple of weeks. They still look so small and young.

Kinnick is still doing good. Hopefully she won't catch Carver's cold.

We still do not know if Kinnick and Carver will qualify for a medicaid card at the end of March. This is really bothering me. If they do not get their medicaid card, we will have to rely on our private insurance and will lose our nursing help. Seems crazy that the State thinks it's possible to get someone (not a nurse) to come in and take care of our children. I can't imagine many would know how to deep suction, do G-tube feeds, monitor oxygen saturations, etc... If we were poverty level, then the state would give us a medicaid card and nursing help. The Kansas SRS is under fire right now to resolve this - the current plan targets a specific audience and it shouldn't. They have till the end of March to revise this. Once it is revised, it will no longer be income based. Instead, everyone will be treated the same. They will recieve the service based on technology. So, someone poverty level won't receive the service unless he meets the technology requirement just like someone who is not poverty level. Right now, a poverty level person gets this when they have 1 technology. Someone that is not poverty level only gets the service if they have 3 technologies. The new plan will not go into effect until July 2008. So, even if it gets changed the end of March, the current plan is in effect until July. We're trying to get approved based on the current plan, but there is no guarantee. My understanding is that there are very few people on the current plan that are not poverty level - under 40.

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Anonymous said...

We'll pray that Carver surgery goes well without any complications. I can't believe they're almost a year old! Isn't it amazing how much your life has changed in a year?! Keep us posted on how everything is going!