Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19th, 2008

Carver made it through surgery today like a champ. He's in quite a bit of pain and is up a bit on his O's, but is doing pretty good overall. He is NPO until Friday morning at 6am. They'll start small feeds and increase the feeds as tolerated. They say that he could be there a full week, but I'm hoping that he'll be home by Easter. I'm excited to see how big Carver gets once he doubles his food intake for the day. He lost weight this past month, so it is a good thing he's getting this surgery.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!


24weeker's Mama said...

I am glad the surgery went well. Wow now he will gain double perhaps? I thought he has a good weight, 15 lbs 15 oz the last time, right? Sam is not even 15 lbs & he is 11 months old now. I don't know what went wrong, i thought i fed him good amount but hardly gain weight. He will have an MRI scan for the brain (small head circum), sometime in April. Whew..

Happy early easter to you & your family.

Hugs & kisses for the twins,

Anonymous said...

So glad Carver made it through ok! We'll pray that he's home by Easter! I can't believe they'll be one in a few days!!! Be sure to post lots of pictures for us!