Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2, 2008

Carver goes in to see the Doctor tomorrow. We are going to discuss getting a G-tube for night feeds. He only takes about 15 oz a day in formula. He's gaining weight, but not enough. I'm not even sure how he's gaining. It has to be the Karo syrup and Strawberry syrup that we're putting in his bottles to get him to drink 4 oz at a time.

Kinnick started rolling from her back to her stomach this past week. I can't put her on the floor anymore without her rolling over. Kinnick is getting over her cold. We managed to keep her home this time. It's so nice to see her lungs starting to show some improvement.

Kinnick are Carver are starting to hold their heads up more. Carver still droops his, but is doing better. Mechanically Carver's right eye is supposed to allow for 20/50 vision. His other eye and both of Kinnick's eyes are mechanically supposed to allow for 20/400 vision. However, Kinnick appears to be responding better to light then Carver. Kinnick looks at a light and shifts to another when a second light is presented to her. Carver shows no real interest in any lights presented to him at this time. Kinnick grabs, holds, and plays with most of her toys with no help. Carver has a couple of toys that he can hold briefly when they are handed to him.


Sammy'smommy said...

Glad to hear Kinnick got over her cold with no hospital trip this time. Nice to see them making progress too!! God bless you and your family

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and update! What a family you have! All the kids look great! Still thinking and praying for all of you!