Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21st, 2008

Carver is doing well with his feeds. If he continues to do well, he could be on full feeds by 2pm tomorrow. It is still possible that he'll be home on Easter. Kinnick is really missing Carver. She's just not the same without him. She's very sad a bedtime - nobody to kick. I think she kicks him just to hear him scream.

Both Kinnick and Carver were weighed today for their synagis shots. Carver weights 15 lb 14 oz. Kinnick weights 15 lb 10 oz. I was really hoping to be over 16 lbs, but with the tummy problems and the colds it really makes weight gain difficult. I'm looking forward to better weather. Maybe Kinnick and Carver can get out for their first walk. We only take Kinnick and Carver out of the house for doctor appts. They pick up enough colds, etc from our other children and the doctor offices.

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