Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008

Update on Kinnick and Carver's G-tube issues...  

I took both babies to see the surgeon that did the G-tubes and Fundos.  The surgeon said that Carver's granulation tissue will continue to form around the stoma until the site heals - about 6 months.  He cut the existing granulation tissue away from the stoma and then used silver nitrate on the stoma - yuk!  I hate seeing these things done.  I have such a weak stomach.  The gagging that Carver does could continue until he is 8 or 9 years old.  I don't like this answer.  He didn't do this until he got the Fundo.  I think he is still refluxing and that he needs meds for the reflux.  I'll continue to look into this issue.  He gags so bad that he's going to tear the Fundo.  The doctor didn't seem to be too concerned about Carver.  However, he is very concerned about Kinnick's issues.  He doesn't feel like the leaky G-tube is due to a bad Mic-Key.  He feels like there is still something wrong with the gut.  This is what I've been saying all along.  I'm happy to finally have a doctor that agrees.  He is going to review the upper GI study that was done in February while she was in the hospital.  They tracked the upper GI all the way to the lower bowel.  If he doesn't see anything on the x-rays (the hospital and GI specialist didn't see anything in February), he's going to schedule a Lower GI - 24 hour study.    I still believe there is a partial block where the last surgery was done due to scar tissue.  Since this is the surgeon that did the surgery, he should know exactly where to look.   Kinnick has been hospitalized twice this year due to stomach issues.  The stomach issues have never resolved.  The GI specialist sends us home saying that the issue must have resolved since she is pooping.  We've just been altering feed schedules to accommodate her intolerance.  We do smaller feeds and fewer of them - leaving the majority for a continuous feed while she sleeps.  This has kept things moving well enough to keep her home, but hasn't fixed the root cause.  Hopefully this doctor will find the answer to our problem.  I just pray that we don't need another surgery.  Another surgery would be a terrible setback for her.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain what a fundo is? I don't know if I missed that somewhere. We will pray that the dr finds out what is wrong with Kinnick soon. This must be so frustrating!

On a fun note- I love all the new pictures! You look great! I would never have guessed you were 40! And I'm not even close to having Charlie graduate and I'm already crying thinking about him growing up!


24weeker's Mama said...

Sorry to hear about Kinnick's Gtube problem. I hope doctor can fix it.

Sam is going to have eye surgery next week. It's to open his tear duct which is still blocked.

Kisses for the twins,
yani & sammy