Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th, 2008

I love my squash!


Anonymous said...

wow...posting two days in a row! love the pic...conner loves squash too. today we tried apples. happy mother's day! we love you!!
stacy, david and conner

24weeker's Mama said...

lol, so cute. Sam loves squash too

Jodi said...

Happy Mother's Day

abby said...

From what I understand about Hallie, the nerve damage that was done during the PDA ligation surgery (they warned us about this, but of course we opted for surgery) is the root cause of her particular left-vocal-cord paralysis issue. She is fortunate that it is near midline, but it still poses a risk of aspiration. I asked the ENT who did the surgery about bulking procedures (they also use silicone and maybe botox? I think Stephanie on her blog for Serena and Edwin talks about this some) and he said that as long as she had some voice and wasn't aspirating that this was not indicated for her. She definitely can scream if she wants to, but her voice is generally quite soft and a bit raspy. Still, it's there.

She too had enormous swelling from reflux and such when they first tried to scope her in November or December 2006. The ENT couldn't visualize anything at that point, but once the swelling was down (around 6-8 months later), they were able to see the left cord wasn't moving during a scope. And no change by February 2008, either, so her paralysis is definitely permanent. Still, a small price to pay for being alive, and I am sure she'll understand why we paid that price later on. Plus, she'll get to sound like Lauren Bacall (or Tom Waits!!!) if and when she ever starts talking for real.

Anonymous said...

They are just getting to be cuter every day! Keep the pictures coming. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!