Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th, 2008

Carver continues to sat in the 90's during the day.  However, he de-sats while napping.  So, he's obviously not ready to get rid of the O2 while sleeping.  I have reduced his night O2 to 1/8 lt and he's doing just fine.

Kinnick has been satting well during the day, so I'll probably try reducing her O2 to 1/4 lt later this week.  

Both babies are doing better with their Gerber 1st foods.  They still do not take much, but it's a start - maybe 1 full tub a day.  I've also been giving them a little Oatmeal and Apple juice for breakfast.  They're not sure what they think of the Oatmeal.  Sometimes they just scrunch up their little noses at me.  They like the apple juice.  I give it to them via a honey bear cup.  This looks like the little honey bear bottles that you buy in the store filled with honey.  They have a straw in them that allows me to squeeze the juice into their mouths.  Then they just have to swallow the juice.   We're hoping this will help us transition to a tippy cup once they are able to hold the cup themselves.  We only give this drink while sitting in the highchair.

I can't remember if I said this or not, so forgive me if I'm saying this a second time.  Carver will get his Cochlear implants once he hits 20 lbs.  We're hoping this will happen by July.  He will be 1 year adjusted July 11th.

We see the pediatrician tomorrow for a check-up.  We've been having terrible G-tube problems.  Carver has a lot of granulation tissue that we can't seem to get shrunk.  Kinnick's G-tube is leaking really bad.  I think she has learned to relieve herself when her tummy is full (due to slow motility).  She forces the stomach contents (formula, meds, etc) out around the stoma.  This causes a terrible sore around her stoma due to the stomach acid.  Some mornings she wakes up soaking wet from her nightly feed.  I have to change her and the bed.  It's a mess.  She does the same thing during her daytime feeds.  I can't tell you how many times a day we change her clothes.  I can't wait until they are both able to eat all foods by mouth and drink all fluids.

Carver will see a new eye doctor next week to see if glasses will help his vision.   Kinnick will not be evaluated until she goes at least 3 months without eye surgery.  The eye surgery changes her vision, so it doesn't do any good getting lenses that may change right after you get a pair.  

We will also see the neurologist this month - kinda anxious to see what he has to say.  Not much has changed since our last visit.  So, I'm not sure what to expect.


Heather said...

I check your site quite frequently through Jodi's site (Olivia and Logan). Your babies are adorable. I don't know how you do all that you do. You must be Supermommy:) Keep up the good work mommy and I look forward to reading more about your amazing children.

24weeker's Mama said...

Sorry to hear about the g-tube problem.

Let us know after the new eye doctor & neurologist appointments. Thanks.