Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008

I heard back from the Surgeon that did Kinnick's NEC surgery.  He reviewed the upper GI study and says that the colon was dialated.  He says this isn't normal (don't know why the hospital or GI specialist didn't say anything about this).  He wants to do a lower GI - 24 hour study.  He suspects a narrowing where the last surgery was done.  We've scheduled the study the 2nd week in June.  

We started Kinnick on Culturelle for kids - a probiotic.  It can be taken as a dietary supplement.  It is supposed to improve digestion and help maintain regular bowel movements and normal stools.  Since Kinnick has been on it, she is stooling 2-3 times a day.  I'm not sure where all of the poop is coming from, but it seems to be helping to get it out.  She doesn't have diarrhea, it's all very formed.  Some of the stools are so large, it's hard to believe it came out of her.  It looks like something that could have come out of an adult.  I read about Culturelle on Hallie's blog (listed under my preemie friends).  I asked the surgeon if this would help Kinnick.  He didn't think it would be the answer to our prayers, but said it wouldn't hurt.  Last night, Kinnick didn't leak much at all around her G-tube.  She also had minimal leaking today.  She still has a great deal of gas in her intestines.  I'm sure it is very painful.  She handles the pain so well.  I think she's just used to all of the pain.  I'm hoping with more normal stools, maybe the gas will go away.  I'm hoping tonight is another good night.


Anonymous said...

i just read your blog, i don't know how to describe my feeling of how i'm proud of you and your family to go through all problems with the twins, when i was gave a born to my baby and doctor took him to NICU because he got jaundice i keep crying and don't know what to do (and that's only took 2X24 hours for him to be there).. just can't wondering of your feelings about the twins... please keep us up to date about them and wishing you all the best from the patinos (

Anonymous said...

Shanon- I can't believe you are 40! I haven't seen you in years and you look amazing- doesn't even look like you have aged. Congratualations on all the graduations and thanks for sharing the pictures.
Kelly Hester Shortley

Amy said...


We hope you both have a wonderful trip! I just wanted to let you know that if anyone at your house needs anything we are home most of the day and always willing to help! Hope you have great weather and a ton of fun, you both deserve it!

Amy Madsen

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you... I was showing your blog to Charlie's McKids therapists and they couldn't believe you were 40!! They actually said you must be a young mom when they saw your picture. When I told them you were 40, they were amazed :-) Have a great trip!!