Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change in beds not going well

Kinnick and Carver have slept through the night since they came home from the hospital.  Well, tonight was the first night in the new bed.  It is like Kinnick knows something is different.  I put Carver to bed first and he fell right to sleep.  Then, I put Kinnick to bed.  She cried until I picked her up until almost 10:00pm.  I started putting them to bed at 7:30pm.  I don't know if she thought she was alone because Carver was sleeping and she didn't hear him yelling, or what was going on.  Normally, she kicks him if he's not making noise and then smiles when he cries.  I hope this isn't an indication of how she's going to do when Carver gets moved to the other bed.  Carver doesn't care where he is - he'll sleep anywhere.  If I remember right, she had a hard time sleeping when Carver stayed in the hospital after his G-tube and Fundo Plycation.  He was there at least 5 nights.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Kinnick! She doesn't know what to do without Carver! Hope she adjusts soon! I forgot to ask you when you posted about Carver's cerebral palsy... how are YOU doing with that? I'm sure no matter what you suspected, it's tough to get that official diagnosis. We're always thinking of you!
PS tell Hayden he's doing a great job. I can see him as a dr someday!