Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2nd, 2008

Not a whole lot new going on in the Woolley house.  Kinnick still has a cold.  I had to increase her oxygen last night.  We suctioned her today.  This helped some.  I'm not looking forward to winter.  Last year was horrible.  I think Kinnick spent more time in the Hospital then at home.  I was hoping she would do better this winter.  She's on a small amount of oxygen right now, but I know how quickly things go down hill.

Carver got his 4th tooth today.  He has been such a little crabby guy.  Hopefully he'll be back to his happy little self again.  Kinnick is still working on her 4th tooth.  It's still not bothering her.  She started chewing on the highchair tray and the swing tray.  It's really pretty funny watching  her hunched over chewing on the tray.  She also enjoys chewing on tags.  We have an activity ball that has taggies on it, she turns the ball in circles looking for the taggies to chew on.  The ball is soaking wet when I grab it to put it away.  I need to get her a blanket with taggies for bedtime.

Carver is still doing good on 1/16 lt oxygen during the day.  Hopefully he'll go to 1/16 lt at night soon.

Kinnick's new Mic-Key replacement - a "BARD" has been great.  It's not nearly as convenient as the Mic-Key, but she's no longer able to push food out around the tube and it doesn't have a balloon, so no more worrying about finding her Mic-Key out.  She rarely leaks with this tube, so her stoma has pretty much completely healed.  We're hoping she'll start gaining a little more weight now that she's keeping all of her feeds and meds in her stomach.  

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